The art pad topic



Hey guys, here I’m donig this thing for artists! U can post ur art or art pads here!
Here is a poll I made

  • I am an artist
  • I code my own art pads
  • I use other people’s
  • I am the worst at art

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BTW I made an art pad just now!


um isn’t there a drawing topic or something??


Kinda is, kinda is not. No tutorials or anything like that. I just post art pads here


actually i think some people have tutorials on like eye drawings and stuff i remember mimi showing me something sweater gave her


Here is another


Here is a caligraphy pad


Blue pad!


Hey there! Although this topic is awesome, we already have a topic for all things art related and since this a forum for mainly Hopscotch and coding, other creativity topics only get one each. For example, one photography topic and one designing topic! :D

If you have any questions feel free to ask! ^-^


I think if you make this topic specifically for art pads it should be fine. Maybe put all the inks to the art pads in the first post and change the topic title.

People like trying diffrent art pads and it’s easy to have them all in the one place.:slightly_smiling_face:


This is some of my drawing pads that I have made, but I am not a good artist. I just like making drawing pads sometimes.

My drawing pad that I have worked most with, SuperDraw:

  • Some basic colors, but not that many. Lots of green colors.

  • You can lock your drawing, which means that you can turn off drawing if you want to.

  • There are some basic functions like Clearing, an Eraser, Sound, Color Themes, Challenges and much more.



Cool Draw 7, a simple project, but it reached featured and got over 1800 likes!

  • This project reached featured and got over 1800 likes!

  • It is simple but kind of cool.

  • The colors are completely random, you can’t change them. I have made so many versions of this drawing pad, over 20 versions. All of them has different colors. This is version number seven.



I have made some more drawing pads too.


Literally everybody ignores art pad posts in the drawing topic though, everyone pays attention to drawing there and convincing them might take too long… no offense



From 1-10 stars what do you guys think?


I don’t really get the point of this topic with all the other art topics out there but I guess this could be useful to me when posting art pads. Question, can we only post pads here, or can we also post draws?
Here is a good art Pad:

I am part of this collab, I didn’t work on it but I helped with alternative version of this Pad later.


You can post your art here purple artist said.


This is for sharing art pads. We don’t have one of these I don’t think.


Here’s mine.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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Here is a poll for that


Is that for my art pad?


Yeah, it is a vote , you asked how would u rate it