The art of the spam like (tutorial)



So some people don't know the special trick to spam liking! Spam liking is an art form,used to make people happy and make their days. Here is how to do it quick, and efficient!

Step 1

First, you choose the person you want to spam like. For this example, I chose Paige1212. :D

Step 2

Press that person’s profile pic, or username! :D

Step 3

In the top right corner of their user card, there is a little button that says “___ Posts in topic. Press that button! :D

Step 4

You now see a filtered topic, where you can see only that person’s posts. Scroll through the posts, and like them!

Can someone tell me how to do a tutorial on how to do spam likes! (I already know!)
Likes for requests! (Closed until I finish all the requests)

What about mobile version? ;-;

Hi AGAIN Dudey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi AGAIN Kelly
I have no idea how to use mobile version, I am really bad at it. XD


Who? :stuck_out_tongue:


First nickname that popped into my head. XD


Lol. Kelly?


I'm weird that way, XD


Out. Of. Likes. Le. Gah. Much


I'm supposed to be studying lol


Me atm lol. Let's GBOT?


Great tutorial! Lemme go spam like someone you!


I usually just spam-like a topic so I get a bunch of people at once :stuck_out_tongue:


This was exceptionally helpful. Thanks!

muahahaha now to spam-like even more


Especially Pingu
Who knew an animated penguin likes animu?





my only enemy is the "Thanks for sharing the love! You only have a few likes left for today."


I hardly share the love.
I share replies.
Sometimes witty. Like claiming that my blackheads were gay when my mom say things about them coming out.


Great tutorial! Now I can spam like people more.


You can use the computer version on mobile by clicking desktop view


Gosh dangit.

@kvj is back at it with Shaun xD