The "Are you spam liking me?" Topic


Have you ever gotten that feeling that somebody is spam liking you, but can't find a topic to ask? Well, here is the topic for that! Here you can ask if somebody is spam liking you, and receive answers so that you can spam like them back!

Thank people here if they spam liked you
Thank people here if they spam liked you

Great topic, heres a like :heart:




Ik pixel master 64 spam likes me like once a week xD


I know that feeling... Almost every project or post that I create is liked by @GysvANDRegulus(Corvus)


Dude. Spam likes should be


I only get like 1 like per project on Hopscotch
" Hello darkness my old friend "


plause stahp :0000


Don't be sad... What is your username? I only get like five likes per project.


I get 2-10 likes every project




I agree, but it is fun to spam like somebody every once in a while


My username is UltimateCoder @EP125


Wut it's true @mrhotdog64


Ok, the war has begun! Heheheheh


I spam like @mrhotdog64 when I get bored sometimes xD


*gets 5,000 likes from one person*

bro r u spam likin me?! :00000

no offense to... idk, whoever would get offended by this XD


what have I started


did you check your notifications on Hopscotch? I liked every single project... Bwahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahha


@EP125 YAY! I cant wait too see ittt!!!