The are a bunch of things to do here!... Defeating Creativity's enemy!



Okay, so this topic is for people who are online and hoping to do something or have someone to talk too, but nobody is online. This topic is full of coding ideas (well, a link to where you can get coding ideas), coding and animation competitions, popular topics (the kind that get 1,000 posts every 3 days, my general topic for example.), Fun sites that send boredom flying away, and much much much much much more! (at least I hope much more)

HS coding ideas!


Art Clubs

Popular topics

Fun sites:


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Help create a story!

So, basically all you have to do is read the story, and add something to it!

Here is the story:

Chapter 1

Our tale begins in a great hall. The hall was a roomy place, with high ceilings that towered so tall that it seemed like there was no ceiling at all, and with was a cold and eerie light that shined with a greenish-blue hue. It was an empty place, some outlets here and there, metal beams that reached across the ceiling with wires attached, and a pyramid of steps with a small but sleek table with one glowing orb sitting in it’s resting place on the table. On the top of the steps was a man, a tall and thin man with a business suit with a tie looking at the orb with an eerie smirk, “And now! Let it begin!” he said, as if talking to the orb. “EARTH WILL BE MINE!!!” He glanced over at his old superhero uniform, The Glower, in the trash and sneered. “My old life was wimpy running around, literally, and saving people when I could have been having fun conquering this sad planet.” “Move and I shoot” said a velvety smooth voice.The Reverse Glower smiled, "Detective Happy” The Reverse Glower sneered. Over on the other side of the room, Allen moved fast, a smith and Wesson fires six rounds at The Reverse Glower, all missed, the air rippled and Allen was flung back against the wall Your under arrest Detective Happy said, clamping cuffs on Allen, “Allen!” Yelled Kara who happened to be near during this event. “Why did you shoot at my friend Alex?” Alex could see the dismay in her face. “Kara, I can explain, but not now he is about to strike.” “Alex!,” Kara screamed as a silver bullet whizzed through the air heading strait for The Reverse Glower’s head.

Chapter 2

The Reverse Glower quickly put something that looked like a bubble around himself, Kara, and Alex. then he sent something that looked like a blue ripple towards Detective Happy. The blue ripple hit the detective hard and he disappeared, “Wh-what happened to him?” Kara asked, “Oh Kara,” The Reverse Glower said, “He is just going to my transformation room. He will be use to us yet” Kara looked up at The Reverse Glower and smiled, “you probably saved my life, and Alex’s! You truly are a hero!” The Reverse Glower smiled back, but then looked away. He snarled, and clenched his fist. Kara and Alex walked away, to their horse-drawn-cart, as the cart was the only way to reach The Reverse Glower’s hall. They galloped off. “I’ll get rid of them soon enough,” The Reverse Glower grimaced at the thought of helping anyone else.

Chapter 3

“If that wasn’t amazing, I don’t know what was!” Kara looked up at Alex. Alex simply looked away. “What?” Kara’s smile slowly faded away, as the seconds ticked by. “It’s just… something wasn’t right in there,” Alex frowned and sat on their couch. It had been weeks, no, months, since their parents had left. The Reverse Glower had been their foster father. He had helped them. But Alex knew that something had changed, “He, just seemed like he was not himself” Alex said. They made it to their car. A brand new SSC Ultimate Aero that The Reverse Glower had got them as a ‘gift’. What it really did was make it a lot easier for The Reverse Glower to track them. They drove back over to The Reverse Glower’s secret mansion. On the outside it looked like a small ordinary house, but on the inside, it had everything that anyone could want. Kara (who was 13) was still in awe of the genius idea that The Reverse Glower had come up with. Alex, (who was 15) was still wondering what the guy did to earn all of the money it took to make all of these awesome structures, “Ok sis.” He said, “We need to figure out what this guy is up to” “Up too?” replied Kara, “The guy knows what he is doing Alex, you don’t need to worry! Besides, he has taking so much care of us” “I think he is using us” Alex argued, “What is up with that bubble and ripple thingy? Didn’t you see what he did to the detective?” he continued, “yes,” Kara replied matter-a-factly, “He did that to save us!” “ So you have your mind all made up?” Alex sort of sneered, “Well, tell me what you think when he uses that weapon on you!” Meanwhile, Detective Happy was floating through a space sort of place. He was inside something shaped like a sphere. He was floating towards a light, something about that light made Detective Happy know something evil was in it. Something that would ruin him forever. The light sucked him into a room. His sphere thingy popped. The room was enclosed with not much in it besides some pipes. The pipes started blowing this type of mist at him. The mist was red, and slowly filled the room. The Detective felt himself slowly losing control of his mind as he sniffed the beautiful smell that the mist made. Then The Detective jumped back into his senses! This was The Reverse Glower’s plan! To slowly take control of his mind. The Detective tried with all of his might to stop the mist from slowly oozing into his brain, but the mist was to strong. The Detective started to feel woozy and soon fainted.


Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Hopscotch

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That last poll makes me want to argue so bad.

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I remember when epic was a thing


I added a new section!

  1. Awesome! I love the topic – thanks for adding my idea list in. Try also Rawrbear’s Idea list of your plausible doom as well :slight_smile:
  2. Nice title @Petrichor!
  3. You can also make the post a wiki so that others can add to the story, and so that you can edit it whenever you want. Since you aren’t regular, you can always ask t1 to do it by tagging her here!


It’s me since @MobCraft’s 100x100 challenge.


Oh okay :slight_smile:
You are deserving of that title, definitely :stuck_out_tongue:


@WynterDiamond Hi again!


Hello! How are you?


@WynterDiamond I am doing awesome! School has started for me!


Cool! My once-weekly online class start tomorrow, and then my other classes start sometime next week or the week after, I think. How is school so far?


@WynterDiamond What is your online class for?


Well, I’m homeschooled, so my online classes are history and coding/game design. I’m excited, because I like the teacher, and I think that the subjects will be interesting.
The other (real life) classes that I’m taking are biology, economics, creative writing, and one full-day class where we cover a bunch of different subjects.


@WynterDiamond I am homeschooled too! @AHappyCoder LOOK!!! We found another homeschooler!



Homeschoolers 4 life!


@AHappyCoder YAY!!! We should defiantly make a Homeschool coding COLLAB!!


Yay! :smiley:

(@AHappyCoder @Work_kids_coding)

We really should make a homeschoolers collab!



Ok, would you like to make the first topic?


You can make the topic and be the leader – I’m a bit busy with school now but I would be happy to be a part of the collab :smiley:


This was a great topic…