The Apprentice in Hopscotch (don't flag) [NOW HIRING FOR ROUND 1]



I am starting up The Apprentice in Hopscotch! This is like the show (by Donald Trump, I know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), where you do something in a team and try to do a good job. The prize is a collab with me, like in the actual show.

The two teams will have to use a collab account (either create one or use an existing one, if you need one, use the MobCraft Collab account, but you have to email me). You have to select a project manager, who will basically organize the thing. I am going to have 2 people be able to access (but not edit) the projects, like the advisors in the game show. After each project (you get 2 days), you will publish it with a link. You also have to keep track of progress on the collab account.

If you do not publish the link, it is okay, the advisors will get the links for you (but do not use this as an excuse to not publish the link, I may fire you for that).

So then, we get to firing people. I will fire a person if they were barely on (little traces of them on the log) or if they bossed the whole thing. Otherwise, it will be decided by the team members in a poll (whoever gets the least votes).

Then, we repeat until we have two people (I will split teams once one team runs out of members). Those two people will have to put a link to their best projects. I will then decide the official winner.

UP TO 10 PEOPLE:grinning:
Round 1 Advisors (closed):


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Can I join?


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