The Anti Rate Me Topic - (ARM for short) - (This is a serious situation)



So, recently on the wonderful land called the forum, there have been topics created called "rate me". These topics let people vote how good of a forum person you are on a scale of one to ten or twenty. This can be nice and fun to see what rating you are, but it can also be very harmful.

"Rate Me" topics can damage one's self-esteem. It can damage the way someone feels about themselves, and it can harm them. The forum should be a safe and handy place for coders who are interested in being creative and imaginative. Not a place to see how others think of you.

That is why I want everyone to join the ARM wrestle (The Anti Rate Me struggle). Whoever agrees with this, please share! :wink:

Yes, you may make as many puns as you'd like


Well, I say, if someone makes a poll to rate them, they accept that they might get some low ratings. If you don't accept that, then don't make one, it's simple.


It's unusal that someone would make a poll with the option to call them a name, and then they get offended. They're basically asking to get trolled.


I like the idea, but sometimes people feel like they need to know how they are doing and what they need to work on. The best way to figure that out is by asking. Of course trolls love to downvote but haters gonna hate. That just means they are jealous. Sometimes it doesn't though. They could be bored or something but idk any other way to figure it out. Great topic, though. I hope you get people to join!


Awesome topic!!
I see what you did there:^)


Well, I have barely any self esteem anyways. :P

I honestly think this topic will just cause a bunch of flame wars if someone disagrees unkindly, which they're unfortunately bound to. ://

It isn't anyone's fault if someone asks for feedback and they're not mature enough to handle it but the person's own. :sweat_smile:

My philosophy with those things is, if someone doesn't like me, I ask for a reason. If they have a good one, I try to improve. If they don't have a reasonable reason (that sounds weird lol), it isn't my problem. :D


I think so too ;)


I think that if you don't want to get hurt, don't put negative options on the poll


I KKNNNOOOWWW RIIIGGHHHTTT!? same here :slight_smile:


I guess everyone thinks that then ^-^


it kinda destroys the point of a 'rate me' if you only put positive options on the poll

my personal opinion is that instead of polls, to just have several questions on the first post, and have people post their decisions; sure, anonymity bias is an issue, but it's still much more effective in the long run.

you do a rate me not to make sure people think of you highly on a number scale, but to actually find what you do well and not-well. so use the basic format if posts and further questioning.