The Annual Summer Contest Take 2 (Discussion) check post 24!



Should we have it? What are your thoughts.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (Reply with what you think)


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Organization for Second Annual Summer Contest

I think at least that @t1_hopscotch should give out prizes. Now when you're a mod you could give some good prizes like titles.


I think you should use the omtl.


Thanks for letting me know, I tried but it won't let us add polls after that time limit, it seems. :(

For the second poll, I would vote for Other if I could – that the community can decide. But I'm happy to help with hosting :smiley: and with giving out prizes, but you all can decide on the prizes :slight_smile:


Wait, I just deleted the poll cause I though you succeeded. ■■■■ me.
Who should make it?

  • Moderators
  • You(referring to the person talking the poll)
  • Other


Votes are public.


Oh dear, haha let me try again though...

Nope it won't let :cry:


I think another summer competition would be cool, it would bring much more excitement into everyone's hopscotch summer.

@t1_hopscotch, it would be really cool if you could host it?


Yeah this would be super fun!

Aww, as for me having a lot of control or say in this, hmmm I seem to want to let others get to do this. Reflecting on it, I think it's because:

  • I think there are others who are really interested in hosting a comp in general
  • This was previously an idea from others, when I wasn't here
  • I don't have many ideas myself and I like the idea of letting the community have a chance to run something too — (giving people agency, I guess you could call it)


Could you suggest any ways to pick the people fairly that want to host it, there's probably many who want to?


I think the community should vote for who does that.


That's a good question :thinking: a poll comes to mind as an example (although it may not be the only way or a best way), or depending on how many people want to do it I guess (you're right that there may be many)

I think, in fact, that people can definitely discuss it amongst themselves too if there are multiple who want to do it. And if that decision becomes difficult, I'm more than happy to chime in. I think I have a lot of faith in this community XD

(but I am sure it is well placed :slight_smile: e.g. I see all the clubs people have made and sorted themselves into jobs! though I know this is a bit different in that it's not just one person's idea, and that it is larger)


I wouldn't like to host this but I would more like to be just a judge.


Ooh I think that's a great role set that could be included :smiley:

(I will be off so bye for now everyone :dizzy::slight_smile:)


Maybe, I guess. Since we have t1, she can do the "hosting" and/or help with prizes. Whatever everyone else wants! :D


Well, I'm gonna host it. Then put the post on global edit so that you can edit in your prizes. Or so I hope.


Well, another thing to think about is how the results would be private untill they are revealed, the people hosting it before had ways of communicating privately?


I think that this is a good idea and that we should have it. And prizes - maybe we could have some "moderator prizes" that @t1_hopscotch gives out like titles and stuff. The winner could also get Regular. I also think that we members and Regulars could add our own prizes like art requests, follows and likes.


Yes. That's what I said in my topic. Hehe. It'll be really cool.


Soooo... what's the contest about?


Are a summer project and win.