The Annual Fall Contests! | Needing Participants



Needing participants

@omtl If you’re wondering… “What is the ‘Annual Fall Contests’”?
Well! I can answer this for you all! Welcome, to the Annual Fall Contests, where we’ll be holding competitions, and more. And, if you’re wondering, as well, “It’s not ONE competition?!” YES! Next I’m going to answer some questions for you about the Contests!


@tankt2016 - Art Contest
@William04GamerA - Trail Art Contest

Q.) When does this end and start?
A.) It starts on October the 10th, and ends on December the 1st!

Q.) Can you not stop making spamm posts like this?!
A.) I’ll just try my best then… :T

Q.) What are the competitions?
A.) The following are the competitions! (These are the dates on when they start)
1.) October 11th, Art competition
2.) October 19th, Create A Game (Cookie clicker! Please include as much as you’d like!)
3.) November 1st, Create a hopscotch version of a popular app, or game!
4.) November 15th, Create a Trail Art of celebrating fall, and winter!
5.) November 20th, Create the simplest project ever! (And it can’t be a blank text object… or a single object!)

Hope you join!

Also you need to be ACTIVE


Do you have participate in all of the competitions?


Okay, who flagged this?
And I may participate in the art contest.


It’s in violation of 0% of community guidelines


Yes, you may! But, I suggest everyone to be apart of all the competitions!


I’ll do the art one if I can draw it!


Then why is it flagged? My senses detect that something is fishy, why does @ilovechickens still have the same profile picture but you still have Peppa pig profile pic?


I fixed it! No worries here my lady!


I might try to do one of these challenges, but I can’t promise. If HHC18 comes out, I will probably make something some the competition.


When you decided, tell which competition you’d like to enter!


Most likely challenge number 4.


Alright! I’ll list you!


Remeber your competition starting date!


Sure! But when does it end? At the day after?


For example… contest 1 is starting October 11th right? So, the contest ends the day before the second competition, which is October 19th!


I understand. But there is just one day between competition four and competition five…


I scrambled myself up, I’ll fix that!