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I made a new one because the other one just got ruined

That title right up there explains it all!

uh... A happy kid? It does not

Okay creepy voice dude! Let me explain

Yeah! Explain very quick like... cause if I get to board... I leaving

got it! Can I continue?


​:rollingeyes: that was a question that I did not want you to answer_

Join the anime collab program!

With anime collab, you can join a bunch of other anime lovers to make cool projects! Like an HD HSB drawing pad with pencil features, or whatever you want! By joining this program, you join the WHOLE program, not just the collabs. so please read everything else before joining us.

HW News!

That is right! This account is taking over @HW-News! The only Hopscotch news you will ever need! We need help with:

  • Getting news stories
  • Designing News projects
  • Making cute anime newscasters
  • topic civilizers

Everyone that joins the anime collab program will have to help with one of these

Okay dude, there is no way I am joining this! It is too much work

but wait... doing this is not much work!

FINE, continue


Coding lessons

Step by step coding lessons

Not good at coding? We got you covered! With great teachers, you will find yourself coding in no time!

Help wanted

Drawing lessons

Learn how to draw simple cute anime characters!

Help wanted

Sign up now!

HS username:
Do you like anime characters?:
How active are you?:
How many times have you been suspended?:
Are you okay with a lot of notifications?:
How many clubs have you been in?:








We can (with the help of our cute anime characters) make a difference in Hopscotch!

This part is optional
Hopscotch seems to be dying. We cannot let that happen! So I have developed a list of things we can do to save it.

Hopscotch needs help by

Earning Hopscotch enough money to stay up, getting more likes on featured, and helping the community grow.

By inviting people to Hopscotch. You make it so that more people will view projects, might purchase subscriptions, and have more cool projects.

How to do this

draw an anime character on a drawing pad made by someone on Hopscotch, then tell them what app you used to make it

Earning Hopscotch enough money to stay up

Earn hopscotch enough money to stay up by purchasing a hopscotch subscription. If you cannot purchase one, ask your friends if they can

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Hi, can I join pls?
This sounds fun


Also, what rank are you if you join first?


Can I join please? :smiley:


@Kosho @Refugeecat123 first fill out the form


This sounds fun, why not?


@Sweater you are in! We are waiting for more people to help tackle this project


Alright! If you know how, you should use the OMTL.


@Sweater I just did that! Do you know anyone else who might be interested?


No, not really...


k... that is okay!


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An amazingly dope tumblr


Of course true beauty got reported