The Animation Topic


Here is the Animation Topic!

What Can We Do Here

  1. We can talk about animation
  2. We can help each other with animation
  3. Give ideas for what we can animate
  4. And more that is related to animation!

Why Did I Make This Topic?

I made this this topic because I love to make animation things! I don't do them on HS because I can't get the subscription. Story for another time.





First like and reply !
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Hi, bye.


I always wanted to animate to can I join frenpai?


Yep! This is for everyone, frenpai!


So, what do you like to animate?


@KoalaKrazy do you like to animate stuff?


Let me go make it,it may take a while though...


Cool. I occasionally animate Lego, and am going to be doing something soon.


I also want to learn animation that you do on a computer thing. (I just woke up)


I've tried some animation before. It's very nerve-wracking, getting the frames to cooperate.

Animating two things moving at once is much harder than it seems. Just animating two people walking side-by-side, for example.


Singing "winter ronduley" in chorus. Bad song but i love singing


Are you kidding? I LOVE ANIMATION!!!!!
I love doing stop motion, especially LEGO's.


@KoalaKrazy @ValueGamesStudio there is an app called "iMovie" I use it for animation! It's for computers too!


Hey! I use an app called "Stop Motion Studio" and it is really amazing. Do you have any idea on how to upload it here?


What do you mean by "uploading" it?


How do I get the animation on here? I want to show you guys my work!


Try to coping it, the paste it here! I can't wait to see your work!!


It won't send. :frowning: it's sad.


That's sad! Do you animate anything else?