The Always Liked Challenge!



Okay, some of you may know me as the person who hates being spam liked. Well, I have a challenge for us all

Set your "Notify When Liked" preferences to "Always" for a week. The person with the most notifications gets a quiz request!

Post an image of how many notifications you get every day for the week. The contest ends next Monday.
Unless you're @crazygoat. Then it's next Tuesday.
You need to keep your notifications like that for a week! No cheating!
If you cheat then you will not get anything!

On your mark... Get set... HARRY POTTER!! No, wait, I mean, GO!


Why is it next Tuesday for crazygoat? That isn't nice.

I wonder how many times I've been spam-liked in the past month…I've had like notifications off.


No, it's because he is in China and today is Tuesday for him.


I've had them off too... @tankt2016 look at my post.


Wait.... How do I do that?




Thank you!



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