The All-New Maltese Fan Club!


What do you mean by secretary of this club?


I don't know! But it's the rank below Vice President…. If the Vice President and president can't make it, leadership goes to secretary of Pink_Roses.


Ok, well I guess that's ok! But obviously the final decision goes to emmabug . If she says yes, so do I!


She already said yes. School, bye.


Ok! Cool! You still have school? I'm on summer vacation!


We have been reduced to shopping three times a week and half days of school. It's because we weren't set to go to a certain time, since we're homeschooled.


You should check my bio and count how many times I say Maltese,


It's eight times. Exactly.


Yep! You are correct!!!


Yah, I did this

Tooooooooooooo creepy


That looks cool! Idk how emmabug was giving out points, so imnotgiving any out! Sorry!


I'm here right now :wink:
Just add any amount of points you think is proper by their username, here, I'll do it now. Look at my edit at the top in a sec. Edit: We'll need a leader to put the topic on global edit, or you keep track of the points yourself and tell me what I need to add later on.
But if it does go on on global edit, you'll need to monitor it so that no one else makes an unwanted edit. So it might be easier to not have it on GE. @bluedogmc-official


I can do it!


(You can edit the members here)

-KawaiiLover: 1


I join
She is favorite


Sorry for the late response!'re in, but I'm not sure how to edit you into the list. It's been too long since I've got on here lol



@MALTESE IS AWESOME!!! Let’s show her


awww no it’s ok omg