The All-New Maltese Fan Club!


We start...(checks stopwatch, taps foot, waits a second, suddenly perks up) now!! @bluedogmc-official


I'm not going to be on much tomorrow, but I'll be on soon.


It's fine :blush:
Okay everybody, club has officially started!


Also, I literally created a @Maltese fan account called "Maltese :heart:'s #1 Fan". Literally. I followed her and liked all her projects.


I also followed her, and liked a lot of her projects. I also love Maltese. We both had a fair chance. What's done is done. I'm sure you would've been a great Vice President too! Maybe you can ask people why they voted for me or for you too see why?

Anyway, I'll be on in the morning, but not after 11. I have a huge lacrosse event!


Ohhh :0

That was you XD

I was wondering why lol :0


There is a tie! Who is gonna be it now? :scream:


Actually, when there was thirteen voters, bluegodmc-official was winning. I said I would close it once there was there was thirteen voters, but someone else voted before I could close it.


Wait, are you just @tankt2016 on a different account? Did you vote for yourself to make it tied? Just curios :yum:!


I didn't vote for myself....Only on our account...


Oh, sorry!


Hey everyone! Emmabug said she needed a break, so she won't be on the forum for a little while! She said that I could run this until she gets back, and then I'll be vice prez again. If you don't believe me, check out her last topic.

Anyway, just wanted to tell all the members here!



Is it too late to join?


Hmm, well we haven't started anything yet. I'm not technically the leader of this, but you can join!


Do you think it would be disrespectful to change Muhhamad Ali's face to Maltese?


Maybe, but it would be pretty funny.


Okay, can I be secretary of Maltese now?


Sure :wink: If @bluedogmc-official agrees to it!


Do you see the Maltese??


Just clarifying that I did decide on all this :+1:🏻