The All-New Maltese Fan Club!


I shalt join this band of greatness!



I'm debating between whether @bluedogmc-official or @tankt2016 should be Vice President. So, we'll take a vote!

  • Bluedogmc-official
  • tankt2016



Can I join this? C:


Of course! Adding you now


Thanks! C:


Who else wants to join this club?


Wow, currently, I'm winning the poll! Thanks everyone!
I think @tankt2016 would be great as a Vice President also!


I'll join btw check my profile pic...:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Will someone help me Malteseify my profile pic? I wanna keep the one I have, with a Maltese on it.


I asked first! I think I should.


When are you going to close the poll and pick? Just wondering! I'm working on maltesifying your pic right now!


@tankt2016, I know you asked first, but I think bluedgmc-official should get a chance too.

@bluedogmc-official, thanks for working on the Malteseifying thing! I'm going to close the poll once there has been 13 voters, Kay?


One more deciding voter, and it's ready to close!


I'm want to join! Maltese is getting more and more well known! She puts hard work in her projects!

But unfortunately, I can't due to the time I have in the summer.

But I beloeve I don't need to be in a club to show I'm a fan of Maltese! c:


I am the thirteenth voter!


Okay, bluedogmc wins at thirteen, but why did many people vote for him and not us? Is it just because of fame? Or good leadership?


What done is done. I'm sorry you didn't win. I don't know people's reasons when they selected someone, but I do think if you had won you would've made a great vice prez! Good job!


Wait, so I'm a vice prez?


Yup, now you are! You won the vote! C:


Yay! I'm so exited, tag me when me start! Better luck next time @tankt2016!