The @alish rumor


Now tell me is the forum bout rumors I don't think so but this one has started in one of my recent topics there is a rumor it's very new so see if u can figure it out :thinking:


Is this needed?


Idk I'm just bored ygfghhggvvg


I have to make it at least 20 characters


No, it isn't. This rumor may or may not be true, but making another topic about it really isn't nescessary.


Oh ok how do u delet a topic


Delete I meant delete


I said I don't think so btw


Is ur profile pic of u??

I don't really care if it is cause I'm not gonna tag tht


This "rumor" is not new it's been here for a while now


Idk I told u I was board


Okie I guess whereokie


You can't delete, but you can recycle!
(Funny story, I have two sisters. One bigger than me, one smaller. Our mom was gonna name us Reduce, Reuse and Recycle XD)


Ha ha lol :joy: That's funny and weird


Do U want me to make U a profile pic?


I just found out @MagmaPOP is a member on the forum


What do u mean about make my a profile pic


BRUH it's the capital you need a new one do you want me to make you one?


Wut do u mean by this


Ohhhh ok enejdjrmidemm j