The Actual Story! Magic! <-----(Name of story)


Ok. This is where the story will go. Should I release it in chapters or when the whole book is done?

  • In Chapters!
  • When it's done!



Who wants to help write the story? You'll have to let me know your email for google docs.


Can I be a character I LOVE MAGIC


Fill out the form on the topic this is continued from


I am really good at writing. Can I help write it? (I am a character as well)


I'll help! Does this use Google Docs?

EDIT: I'll be editor since Dude73 wants to write!


Yes just list your email (this is on google docs)


Hmmm... My email gives away my location, kind of. I know @Kiwicute2016 can see emails, maybe she could share a doc to the both of us. Or I could just post my email and once you have it I could get rid of that post.


Yes I can. Do you want me to?


Can I be a editor I'm not a character but I wanna be an editor my email is


That would be awesome! @Bubbles4Ever929, is that ok?


Actually, @Dude73 are you sure you can use google docs with that email?


Yes I can. I have it on my school iPad.


Sorry, I meant @Bubbles4Ever929, as his/her email is an outlook email, which I don't believe is compatible with google docs.


Oh, ok. That makes more sense. :smiley:


Hey can I help write?


Yawn..... Huh? So many replies! Umm I have no experience with Google docs @Deadfr you play roblox too? And I am so overwhelmed..... How do I invite to a doc?


@Kiwicute2016 can share us a doc, because my email gives away my location. And I think we can share the shared doc, but I'm not sure.


I can post my email then delete it. Then she can share it with the whole group.


She can see your email without you posting it.