The 3 things that make Hopscotch



There are so much things you can do in hopscotch. So I decided to separate those things to the 3 main elements on hopscotch

1. Coding

The most important element. This can include websites, games, and other stuff that have plenty of coding. This is also one of the oldest elements, since Hopscotch was made for it.

2. Art

This element can be drawing pads, drawings, or just any other kind of art. This element sprung to life after drawing pads were made. If this element didn't exist, then most famous artists in hopscotch wouldn't be so famous.

3. Chatting

This is the least important and isn't very useful, it is mostly hated on. Chatting is as old as Coding. Chatting also includes role-playing, or just plain chatting. This element sprung after a few months when hopscotch was released.

What element is most important to you? Have you been on hopscotch before some of these elements sprung up? Comment that if you like!


I mostly code games and expirementes, I also make drawing pads but I dont draw THAT much


Coding! Art, too. :grinning:
Great topic!


Coding! :D


Thanks guys! :D


Coding and art.


I code a lot, sometimes do art, I don't remember the last time I chatted.


Yeah, that's a problem, sometimes it's ONLY what people do. I'm partially against MemorableChicken for that.


@tankt2016 role-playing counts as chatting and sometimes a little bit of art, so you are against roleplayers too?


Yeah. Sometimes, people ONLY remix RP projects. And I do art occasionally, except take requests, and have never gotten 1. I got one, I think.



Also sometimes bully ing can count as chatting.