The 2017 Kids Hopscotch's Choice Awards! (Nominees) [CLOSED SO GO ON THE RESULTS TOPIC ON POST 848]


So the nick kids choice awards are today so I wanted to make some award thing for hopscotch
So now through March 14 you will give ideas for catogories and you will vote in the categories!
The polls will be down below
And I will make some polls and you decide who is in the polls!
And the winners of the catogories will be announced March 15th!

1. Don't add yourself to nominees
2. If someone adds your name and there's a poll for it don't vote for yourself!
3. Be nice
4. Have fun
5. Don't be mad if you don't get nominated
6. Be honest with the polls don't vote for your friend just cause it's your friend so be honest
7. No flame wars
8. Whoever you nominated has to be on the forum

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The Hopscotch'in Award (take two)

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How about for one category 'Most Inspiring'


Who should be in the catogory??!


Idk, maybe other people have votes for that


Wait…KCA is today?! I forgot!
Anyways, maybe a topic could be "Best Trail Art" or "Best Backround Maker"


Most Helpful? Irhnc.


The polls
BEST OVERALL HOPSCOTCHER OF THE YEAR @Maltese @MegaRayquaza, @KayKat @SmilingSnowflakes @lollypopcorn @Dylan329 @BerryFOX @Petrichor @HRR1213 @CreationsOfaNoob (Full)
Best trail art @Maltese @TheDrawer @SmilingSnowflakes @BerryFOX @Intellection74 (full)
Best background maker @KayKat @FreshGuppy @aabb1111 @HRR1213, @Petrichor (Full)
Most inspirational @Serenity @KVJ @DragonQueen3 @Candycane @SuperGirl3Acer (full)
Most helpful @Valgo @MiNi @Rawrbear @KVJ @Maltese (full)
Best game maker @Dylan329 @Petrichor @CreationsOfaNoob @Valgo @FoodDelivery (full)
•Most random projects @CreationsOfaNoob @KiraForPrez @RubyWolf1 @DMF @HRR1213 (Full)
Best new hopscotch forumer @FCD @DECODECO @KVJ @FoodDelivery @Hermione (Full)
Best improved hopscotcher @TheMasterOfAirjitzu (Nindroid Games on Hopscotch) @FearlessPhoenix @HRR1213 @LavenderArts @DECODECO (full)
Famous hopscotcher of the year @KayKat @DragonQueen3 @KVJ @Maltese @SmilingSnowflakes (full)
Best friends @DragonQueen3 @TheDrawer @Paige1212 @Petrichor @KawaiiRose (full)
Happiest hopscotchers @SmileyAlyssa @RubyWolf1 @AHappyCoder @lollypopcorn @happyfacegirl (Full)
Incredible ideas @Valgo @Themasterofairjitzu (Nindroid Games) @KVJ @NightsShadow(HRR Idea Helper) @FearlessPhoenix (Full)
Coolest creator @KVJ @Valgo @CreationSofaNoob @MagmaPOP @Maltese (full)
•Best gifs @Dmf @Themasterofairjitzu (Nindroid) @KVJ @ValueGamesStudio @RubyWolf1 (full)
Best Artist @SuperGirl3Acer @WhiteFeathers @DragonQueen3 @Artistic_cat @TheDrawer (full)
Best Pixel Artist @PixelMaster64 @Dylan329 @Intellection74 @DECODECO @KayKat (full)
Kindest Hopscotcher @Paige1212 @TheDrawer @BerryFOX @MegaRayquaza @KawaiiRose (full)
Best hopscotcher who quit @DragonQueen3 @OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza @MagmaPOP @xxNeOnDraGoNxx (full)
Best Unoticed Hopscotcher @FearlessPhoenix @Yellowdragon @Hitokage @UnderagedCoder1 @DatKawaiiPillow (full)
Funiest Hopscotcher @UnderagedCoder1 @KVJ @TheDrawer @Maltese @Pink_Roses (Full)
Who should be in the categories
I put it on global edit so you can choose
(Only 5 per category)
I would've added myself or my friend if not for rules and I didn't see dis. -@Kayro


Maybe add for another category how about 'best game maker'


I gtg now so with your catogory you can edit the post and put it there and you can put the people you think should be in it in it
And only 20 categories max!
I'll be back to check on this in 5-9 min ok everyone


Umm I never herd of her/him


How about "Most Random Projects"


For another category, maybe Best New Hopscotcher? ("New" meaning you've joined within the start of the year)


Most Improved Hopscotcher is a good one. I would vote mehself. (I went a long way from all remixes to original projects and good art)


I would put myself in for "Most Random Projects"


Me too​:laughing:


Guys you need to be nominating people now!
You can still make categories but we haven't got any nominations yet for the catogories


Hmmm... here are some ideas. (I know you have some of them)

Most Inspirational
Most Art-Filled Account (there should be multiple winners for that XD)
Best Game Maker of 2017
Best MusicMaker
Most Positive
Best Art Series (when someone makes lots of drawings that all are part of a story, like I draw two kids fighting then the next one is sitting down in the corner and the other is wearing a dunce cap. Idk)
Most Change-Inducing (Someone who has made a positive change on Hopscotch for good!)
Most Hard-working


I couldn't come up with people for 2 of these
Maybe, a best art category?


I'm not watching because the KCA because I bet that, as always, Spongebob and Just Dance (just dance is a horrible franchise i kid you not) will win.


We just have to hope.