The "20 Characters" Rule: Explained



A lot of you guys were asking about the 20 character rule. There is a reason for that. First of all, whoever started doing that "2020202020" thing was like SUPER DUPER smart. But, think about it. As a kid, you learn stuff. It is always helpful to find out cool stuff. It is super awesome to see other people's take on things, but saying things like "HI" and "COOL" and "Let's Chat" aren't productive. Try asking yourself things based off of this:
1. Is this nice/helpful?
2. Is this productive?
Try asking yourself other things that make sense. New user may not understand the rules quite yet, but let's all be nice when helping them out! Note that Discourse runs the forums so the Hopscotch Team may not be able to make all of your ideas become realities, but they always are super helpful and will try their best to make sure you are having a good time.


Exactly! It's also made so people don't spam like


And I think you can do like

Hi! How are you doing?

Or do



Guys to break the rule just do this


Hi < thishastobe20characters >


Without the space




All of us know that pretty much but there ia a 20 charecter thing for a reason!