The 20 character rule - why



Many of us would have experienced this before - you type a post but just when you hit Reply, it tells you your post needs to be at least 20 characters.

Instead of just adding "this post needs to be 20 characters" (which is over 20 characters and enough for your post to be shared), let's give a thought about why there is this rule.

It's to discourage us from sharing posts that are too short and don't really add to the conversation. Examples might be "Ok", "Agreed", or "Thanks". The heart button was created for this purpose.

Hearting is a way of telling someone you agree with what they're saying, you've read their reply and want to thank them, you like what they've talked about, you like what they're doing for the community and so on.

If you want to do more than heart and reply, think if your post is adding to the conversation. You might share a new viewpoint or idea, or want to praise someone else as well, which is awesome.

But if your response is less than 20 characters long, you might want to think about what you're saying. Either see if there's anything else you could share, or if it's just a short reply to another post you might want to heart it as your response instead :smiley:

Why 20 characters?
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Why 20? Why not....5? Or 10?
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I guess the rule is also in place to stop spam as well.


what about asking a question?


Sure of course you can ask a question :smiley:

But if it's less than 20 characters long, maybe try reading it again and see if there's you could add to it to make it more helpful for other people reading it, like making it clearer or more specific for example.


Oh.... I get it now! Thank you! I think some Hopscotchers may want to see this!!!


Lol, @SmileyAlyssa, another topic you replied late on!


Well, new hopscotchers might want to see it, so why not put it in latest? :smile:




Wait, what? :stuck_out_tongue:


lol i don't even know.....

Or do I.....


Revive for those who wonder about the 20 character rule. :D


I just use the 20 character rule lol XD

I understand why they out it there, but still, sometimes there's really nothing more to say then "Thicks!" Or "Hai!" Or "Bai!" :D


Great topic @t1_hopscotch


Revive for some people who may want to see this!


@t1_hopscotch you can do yes and repeat what you asked like yes I can help you


Now people just do the <insert text here> trick :joy:


Yup. That's like, the most basic thing... we really needa find another way to stop spam. :joy:


Yep.<.star wars is vegetable oil XD>


I was thinking recently, if you're going to do the trick and you wanted to be safer:

<!-- HTML comment -->



I do that lol but not now because I will keep talking and talking and talking.