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Control the red car and the blue car the same time. Collect all the circles and avoid the squares on the road.

Play 2 Cars here:
Updated leaderboard: (
Play the original game here: 2 Cars by Ketchapp

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It's cool!

How did you get that cool link thing? :000


Although I'm confused why I keep getting game overs as soon as I restart.


Just paste the link in the topic box before you type anything else.


Ohh coool :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.
I saw a notepad and was like: gotta click dis.


It might be easier to restart the entire project. Restarting using the in-game restart buttons makes it a bit laggy (and sometimes glitchy) sometimes due to clones


Yeah I tried that and it worked.

Am I supposed to avoid the coloured things or hit them on purpose?


Collect the circles and avoid the squares, like the top post says :)


Oh lol didn't read that... heh heh


Amazing game, I got 18 as my HighScore!


Wow, great game! Great job on the car shape art and the little icon trail art- it looks just like the real thing! :smiley: Haha, I was planning on making this a while ago, but it looks like you best me to it. XD I have a few little suggestions, though. :grin: 1) The graphics you made for this are sooo awesome, and just as a challenge maybe you could add the little animations, too:

2) You could make the circles/squares more detailed by adding the white part (hm, clones would make them laggy since they're already clones...)

Just little things :joy: Really awesome project, though!! I wouldn't be surprised to see it on Featured any time soon, haha


This is REALLY REALLY cool!!!
I especially love the menu screen!!


Le cough. Wondering if you meant the antithesis of that word :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whoops! I was typing really fast.. Autocorrect!
It's a really great game @MR.GAM3R


Thanks @KVJ, @Intellection74, @Dylan329, and @PumpkinGirl!

Inty, thanks for the suggestions. I will look into adding them in future updates, maybe. Probably will have to wait for Hopscotch to improve performance when dealing with clones.


You go to featured with this!


Thank you for the second Featured, THT! @Liza


Great game! Takes forever to load though... And congratulations on your feature!


Is it to do with the white screen of death (nah not really, but you get the point)? It normally should be pretty instant to load. I purposely didn't add the loading screen that the original game has for that purpose.

And thanks, btw! :smiley:


This game is so good! ItΒ΄s amazing! I like that it looks so much like the original game.