The 1st ever feature (you can get to)


So after about 15 minutes of scrolling I have finally found the first ever feature that you can get to!

The hopscotch team cleared the actual first few features!

1st is "Which Hopscotch Character are You" by @t1_hopscotch


The 2nd feature is by Name Man and it's a snowflake trail art!


And the 3rd feature is by @Kiwicute2016 it's rainbow colors trail art!


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I don't think those are the first ones, I think they're the firthest ones that you can get to. :D

I remember t1 publishing that. :D


Unfortunately, that's not true...

The Hopscotch Team cleared all of the features before that. From that time to now, I had about 10-12 features. Before that, I had 6-8.

In total, I have around 18.


Cool! I found it too for a contest :D


Thanks for letting me know :D

I updated the topic and the title!

@Gilbert189 @Kiwicute2016


I have played the first feature you can get to before I think..


Why did they take them down?


They used to clear it every week.


Oh cool


Yep. My old features projects were removed, as well.


That project was featured twice XD


how can you feature one twice?


wat why doesnt the pic show up