That's right. You can tag fredrick now Petrichor and -1 are supreme (to use the First Being's power you must venerate him and his creation)



Yeah I quickly noticed shh don’t tell on me


Jonny Jonny how could you make this mistake


Oh I didn’t notice that
My bad


I made no errors
-1 is my friend after playing 1000 games with me today


I wanna be friends with -1 :(((


Me too


Everyone is my friend
Except for those puny mortals who believe in +2


Lol Rex


How did you know


-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 how dare one mutter those words of the plus and the “two” number


Are you challenging me?
+2 is an unholy name


Oops I didn’t mean for it to come out that way sir


I meant that those who mutter “plus and two” are unholy


Yes yes it is most unholy


The most unholy one could be to -1


Oooooor maybe they fixed it so not every work like that is tagged? Just an idea.
Also it just didn’t let me post the name lol


No there’s a trick you could unblock swear words too


Yay Ana read my email


But she deleted @Anna >:(


if we’re being honest here, the real true omnipotent being is obviously 0.1

i mean both -1 and 2 would get themselves kicked into infinity and beyond if they tried to beat the guy…