That's right. You can tag fredrick now Petrichor and -1 are supreme (to use the First Being's power you must venerate him and his creation)



Why would anyone flag you for saying noob


For calling somebody a noob


Noob just means newbie it’s not like a serious insult


Well you can’t be too sure on here


I get flagged for saying -1 :///


I’m eating a dragonfruit Popsicle yum

Anyway I gtg bye


@LunaMorgana387 omg ur bio has a quote from Tesla :000 he’s my inspiration for like EVERYTHING AHHH


Then we are two now
(virtual high five)


I just ha.te Albert Einstein cause he typically took legit all of his ideas and credit cause he was thought to be insane ahjskenebdbdbje


bookmarking that post forever


After he died sorry


Hi I actually don’t have to go just yet


Hello MudFlowerCat


I just got excited stop




Cause only 1 person ever has related to Tesla when i mention him djsjsjdbdh


The texture of this dragonfruit Popsicle is weird but it is otherwise good


Does it have the dragonfruit like texture


Well, the way it was puréed makes it more like watermelon


I agree with the title @Petrichor