That's right. You can tag fredrick now Petrichor and -1 are supreme (to use the First Being's power you must venerate him and his creation)



Did you mention -1?




you know its conterproductive to do class=mention in this if your just taging the person anyways


if you do <a>www.not a real it’s basicly the same thing


does this mean if we have someone with a double k at the end of their name, are they still untagable?


mmm i think this means you can put bad words with f and k (and maybe others) if you surround them by other letters right next to them before posting it…

if trolls and others find out about this then idk how the hs team would fix that…


dfireworkd dfrederickd dfunkd


Zfredrickz hello



dFinnishpeoplerokd (dfinnishpeoplerokd)
dForgotToDoMyHomeWorkd (@dForgotToDoMyHomeWorkd)
dfredrickd (dfredrickd) all words that start with f and end with k @dfredrickd (@dFredrickd)
dFolkd (dfolkd)
dFunkd (dfunkd)
dfreakd (dfreakd)
dFeedbackd (dfeedbackd)


My secret trick is revealed…


Wait who flagged that, and why?


The fork in the firetruck said @Frisk tagged @Fredrick



What’s that?
Also, where is @Ms.rex?


It’s the language of the elder ones.

And I drowned ms.rex


Why did you drown her?


Because I had to


Why did you have to?


She doesn’t deserve to exist, that’s why


Why doesn’t she deserve to exist?

100th post!


A being so disgusting and foul should not exist. She has no pride. She has no dignity.