That's right. You can tag fredrick now Petrichor and -1 are supreme (to use the First Being's power you must venerate him and his creation)



Member is mine


Yes I do

It’s very important you don’t understand


why is it important that I shouldn’t understand


Still can’t believe I got banned


yeah I should’ve gotten banned first. but then you happened. :((
I’m sending an understanding and kind email to tht ok


Lol don’t I didn’t get banned


Hello. I request that you unban @Mr.rex on the forum. In no way should you feel obliged to do this. I am merely asking that you lift his ban, because I have met with him and he currently has problems. If you don’t fulfill my deep desires towards unbanning @Mr.rex, I ask that you at least tell us why he was banned. This will hopefully calm down @Mr.rex and will stop his unpredictable behaviour. Thank you.


No, you are not @system waiting to unban someone.

Also, why does @system1 and @SystemMessage exist?


Give,me memebeererr I rrjjekdejejdjdidkekdkdldkoeoe


that is not how it works im afraid


<a class="mention>@Fredrick


Did it work, @Frisk?