That's right. You can tag fredrick now Petrichor and -1 are supreme (to use the First Being's power you must venerate him and his creation)



Yep. You can tag them like this:

 <a class="mention">@Fredric<hidden text here>k</a>


They actually get notified. You can do it. You can do the impossible. You can tag the untaggable. This can only mean one thing. It has arrived. You have been fearing -1, but our idiocy has awoken the elder one. +2 is coming. It’s stirring in the realm of plu’utropagatwo’o, growing stronger, building its army. You fools. +2 has awoken. @Fredrick being taggable is the first sign. Armageddon is upon us. We will feel a wrath stronger than if 'grth-agol’lgath was let upon our world…

It’s here.

@William04GamerA (first person I saw using this trick)


Omg what
Let me try




it wont lemme HOW DO YOU DO IT


Paste the thing that was in the post


<a class=“mention”>@Fredric<hidden text here>k</a>




Its because your using Unicode combos instead of actual characters


Does this work?


Indeed it does -_-


<a class=“mention”>@TheAmazingJello<hidden text here>k</a>


@Petrichor what the heck dude this doesn’t belong in lounge


You put

&lt;a class="mention"&gt;@TheAmazingJello&lt;hidden text here&gt;k&lt;/a&gt;

When it should be

  <a class="mention">@Fredric<hidden text here>k</a>


@Petrichor if you keep doing this I’ll write a very descriptive SarDroid fanfic


In all seriousness petrichor this is an informational topic about the forum.


@Mr.rex you gave the skill to tag the untaggables to many people now
-1 will punish you


FOOL! I summon the power of the elder one… Deep from with the depths of plu’utropagatwo’o


@Petrichor I have discovered a ninjago encyclopedia in my brothers room

Inside There’s a description of a dude named Mindroid


(@JonnyGamer you need to help!)


Ådhâ mêt… Ághùal märhú êt æcghøth…

@Grth-agol-lgath… ⚘⚬♮◟