That's right! @slippery salamander


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That's right @SlipperySalamander we all should do that do reduce the amount or post on the forum and save space


Yes I agree too that we shouldn't post unnecessary posts. @Gabe_N I know you're trying to get the "Share" badge but make sure you're not posting irrelevant comments on topics to get the badge :sweat_smile: The point of the badge is when you're actually sharing something helpful to a conversation.


Sorry for this post I was trying to get @SlipperySalamander's reply into mine like you do @t1_hopscotch so I pressed reply as linked topic I didn't know that it makes a new Post!


You have to highlight the part you want to quote (as if you were going to copy it) and press "quote reply"


That's totally okay and it's a good thing you're experimenting with the forum features. :smile:


Thanks @CreativeCoder and @t1_hopscotch