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Yes I code. Occasionally on hopscotch.
I honestly made this so I could rant. Ok bye.
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Man I wish Jilk456 was on the forum. I have a rant for them. Well, amny actually. (this rant is directed at them)I read all the endings in the code. Composting doesn’t help. Turning off water doesn’t help. The only thing that mildly helps to reduce global warming, which many think is nonexistent, is turning off a light. However, you do not show other ways to reduce electricity, like using devices less, or hand washing things. Plus, you neglect to mention clean energies, such as Biomass(Algae was discovered by a 14 yr old girl!), Wind, Solar, and Hydroelectric powers. The strawberry plants are already evolving to live, and some are better suited to the heat than others based on genetic makeup. We have nothing to worry about. Plus, plants should be kept outside in dirt WITHOUT CHEMICALS, and the plants die anyways.


More ranting:
There shouldn’t be roleplays on hopscotch. I see no coding there. I mean, the app literally says “HOPSCOTCH: CODING MADE FOR YOU.” Where in that do you see “roleplay app”?


I mean tho

Person: hey wanna RP

Hopscotch: dont

Person: okay

Person: I’ll just link my friend to an RP websi- BANNED


I haven’t ever seen someone getting banned for saying that they’re gonna go on a roleplaying website instead, did that happen before?


Well I’m just saying technically sharing your account on another website/app could get u banned


That’s the biggest problem on Hopscotch. People think of it as more of a social media website than a coding app…


Haha lol I’m trolling peeps


I know!This is a coding app,and not made for role playing!


I h8 having a food allergy… it has caused me so much pain… just had my second severe reaction in six months an hour ago


Are you going to switch back to your other account anytime soon?


Maybe? Should I?

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Pickle Charlie Ten Forks


Hah ok I’ll go back to it


I switched! Man. 162 new topics, abt that many notifs… sheesh…


It has been quite long, hasn’t it?