That "What was I thinking!?" moment


Ever go back and see a project on HS (or on the forum) and you were just like "What in the world was I thinking!?" Post them here!


Basically 99% of my projects older than 10 weeks were a "What was I thinking? Seriously, what is that?" moment.


Can't post a link at the moment, but i had a cannonball shoot from a boat at a boat in the distance and the code for moving the ball up and down and changing it's size to look like it's going in the distance was all in 1 block.
The movements were jittery, when i could have coded the size and moving in seperate blocks to look and move smoothly.
That's about it for me.


I haven't been on HS for that long but...

Off topic

On social media I've had for more than a year, I go through and im like seriously!? I post weird stuff about like chickens jumping off cliffs ****facepalm****


Can't post a link at the moment. :confused:

But I used to chat and chat with everybody...

That was embarrassing now because so many people saw it!


One time, I was scrolling down my published projects, seeing how much I'd improved. Suddenly I saw something. A project with a mad face as the “screenshot” (I made the project back when the first character/text object you placed was your “screenshot”), titled something like “HOPSCOTCH TEAM!”. I opened the project, and saw something horrible. It was basically a bug report, except worded in a really mean way and not very detailed. (The bug's fixed now, don't worry.)

I gasped in horror. What was I thinking?! Without the Hopscotch Team, the app wouldn't even exist! I quickly unpublished and deleted the project, feeling guilty and ashamed of myself.

(This may be exaggerated a little, but it's true. At least not many people saw the project.)


Yeah, sometimes we can be mean when we don't even realize it too


This project was on featured (it's mine)

Omg what was I thinking XD


I'm gonna look at my old projects and find one...


This is just chat :expressionless:


I used to chat on hopscotch.

So embarrassing.

#12 This its a tap per I don't know why


The problem with a lot of tapper games is the shop. They don't go inv when you buy them, so people can keep buying the $100 one and get a high score quick


I know that's why it was what was I thinking


Oh, ok. :sweat_smile: {20202020202020}


I remember. One time I ALMOST signed up for an rp and published it. I changed my mind though.


I did a project on a someone's account all about a "hack" I said "It is impossible to like this project" It got like 185 likes but it was so stupid. Considering I just started Hopscotch, there is nothing that would suprise me or anything. :sweat_smile:


When I made my first topic about smells! It got unlisted because I was crazy thinking iPad could make smells it was something that the hopscotch team posted for April fouls!