That moment when... Hopscotch!


Before you say this isn't hopscotch related, it sort of is, we are making. A game for it. Anyways,
Reply your answers and when the game comes out draw it and remix Choose at least 3 moments from the list.

That moment list

That moment when...
You pee yourself at school
You accidentally steal something
You called a bad persons number by accident
You burn popcorn
Swallowed a cherry seed
Eat a rotten egg
You take a bath and realize you forgot to change the water from cold to warm

We are also making a would you rather, which might replace this.


Can you please choose three from the list, and describe the reaction? Thanks!


You shouldn't have to choose from the list, and this isn't HS related. Plus, some of the ideas from the list are inappropriate!


What's innapropriate I can remove them.. Also I just said it is.


The one about the bath, and the "pee yourself" one. Also, I see how it's hopscotch related now! :wink:


Bath and pee yourself isn't innapropriate. It can happen in real life, only innapropriate if you're immature, but that's not saying anything mean, everyone starts off as a child with no maturity. :wink:


There are people on here under 9, and that's inappropriate for them! @PopTart0219 @Kiwicute2016 @Gilbert189 what do you think?


The Hopscotch Team said that stuff is allowed on a blog post. :wink:


It's not innapropriate, 10 million people on earth RIGHT NOW just peed themselves at: school/home/parks/many more


And one of those 10 million could be a hopscotcher.


Thanks for proving my point. :slight_smile: also did you know Mike Posner took a pill in Ibiza? Anyways, BOT.


Wait who what where wat?




You never heard the song "I took a pill in Ibiza" or "cooler than me"?




Ask your parents, they probably know


The song is explicit.
But it is really good.


The hopscotch team does allow poop. This is ok, they said on a blog post :D

they even have a poop emoji pillow at hopscotch HQ XD


That means you can't show Avicii that you're cool. XD