That moment when _______: ____ forum game



So yesterday, I found a project on trending that looked cool, so I decdided to check it out. Turns out, it pretty much copies my color palette from my Texture Pad project. This gave me the idea for this game.

The way it works is you have to come up with a situation (might or might not happen) that's related to hopscotch. Then, you decide on your reaction to this situation. Then, you put it in this format:

That moment when _______situation______: ________reaction______.

I'll go first. I will use the example above.
That moment when someone copies your code and it gets on trending: Ugh.

Now it's your turn!


That moment when you try to be first to like or reply but aren't: Le gah.


That moment when someone copies your level, doesn't give credit and gets more hearts than
you did : :fearful::sob:


That moment when you make a bleh project, hinting about it for months, and it gets featured: :smiley:!!


That moment when you spend AGES on a game and then it gets deleted from your drafts...:sob:


That moment when you spend so long on a project then log out without saving : :scream:


That moment when you spend a long time on a game and publish it in newest: :rage:


That moment when you have 15 notifications and they're all just likes.


That moment when you're the most liked individual on the forum ever: :scream:


I sort of have a topic likes this, called "Hopscotch Memes," and they're like this but more in General. :D


You are? :0
Probably because you've posted a lot!


That moment when you're about to publish a project, but you're not done with it, and then you accidently publish it: :open_mouth:


Nope, because @Candycane is sweg.


How can you give that many likes to a person? :0
I haven't been spam liked in a long time, but 7k likes for a spam like? Some people don't even have that many in total! Just imagine 7000 notifications popping up one day! :D


It was over a few months :wink:

:pensive: I don't deserve them.



That moment when KVJ says he doesn't deserve that many likes and you faint.


That moment when forum users and HS users faint like Kiwicute: :confused:


That moment when you have a huge idea for a game but have no idea whatsoever how to code it: Plehh.


That moment when your homework is frustrating but you decide to go on the forum anyways


That moment when you code something and it turns out Hopscotch can't handle it: ಠ_ಠ