That *adjective* moment.... hopscotchified! COME PLAY



This game is super fun to play, and when it's the hopscotch version, it's even better!

The reason there is a gap between 'that' and 'moment' is because you can fill it in with an adjective like awkward or..annoying... or AWESOME!

I hope you sorta understand but I'll give an example just to get us started!

that annoying moment when someone likes your post but doesn't reply!

Go ahead and play!


That awkward moment when everyone is inactive....:sob:


That okay moment when I'm here and left this topic


That brilliant moment when you realise someone has actually replied to your topic.


I've made a topic like this called, "Hopscotch Memes!"


I know but wasn't that for pictures??
I didn't mean to copy.


That awesomely annoyingly weird moment when a famous hop remixes and likes your projects, but takes it without saying it's yours?!


That coincidental moment when you are making a project that is currently an original idea & a week later you see a project on featured, trending, or rising that is the exact idea you had. XD I'm pretty sure that happened to me once XD


Omg yaaaaasss!


It's for both... :D
It's okay though.


That scary moment when you get way fewer likes and plays than usual.