Thanksgiving Game Published IT'S ON FEATURED!



Hi, I just published a thanksgiving themed game I've been making since August,

Thanksgiving Day Dash

In this game, you are a turkey who's farmers saved for thanksgiving day. Now they are chasing you through an obstacle course of knives! There are several achievements and highscores to beat, even a mini tapper when the game is loading! Be sure to read every item in how to play, especially the credits.

Game will begin as soon as difficulty is chosen
Please say what you think!

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Very cool !


That is super cool! I love the attention to detail. :smile:


This is totally lyt senpai


You HAVE to nominate this it needs a feature.

Nominations for Featured!

Thanks Thanksgiving you.


Thanks! It took multiple other projects to get the sun and clouds correct.


No idea what those mean.


Lyt is lit like awesome and senpai I don't have a definition I just know


Awesome! (This should be on features!)

off topic

Hope dem cubz don't blow their world series chance @Themasterofairjitzu


Yup. They should win tonight and tomorrow night.


My dad said some super computer perdicted that Cleveland will destroy them.

i hope not...
Okay, LGBOT :sweat_smile:


I'm a major Cubs fan


It says the page you're looking for doesn't exist... ;-;
I'm on the browser, by the way!


D: mabye it's in the filter? If it is then I've gotta report a bug where my last two projects, one the trail art that I have my profile picture as and the other, this, were stuck in the filter.


I hope not. Although, they have three runs in the first inning.


Did you see them drop the ball

AND HOW (umm what's his name) JUST RAMMED INTO THE CATCHER??


No, I missed it. DDDD:


Oh noes! Holy cows you should have seen it..