Thanksgiving characters please!



Hey I just want to know from hopscotch if there’s a hopscotch update can you put thanksgiving characters plz if you are doing a thanksgiving update?


Welcome to the forums, @Bluewarrior2341! Yeah, that would be a great idea! Hopefully next year!

BTW, I have edited your title to make it more descriptive and moved it to a more appropriate category.


Not everyone celebrates thanksgiving. Only Americans (and a few who want to)


not evryone celabrates halaween


Not everyone celebrates Halloween as well, yet there is still characters for that. Some very religious people may refuse to celebrate it, and there was no Halloween where my mom grew up.

If there are characters for that, then there can be Thanksgiving as well.


I still think that maybe instead they could have season characters like winter themed bear or summer chill anna.


ya thats a better idea


And there’s no Hopscotch supported challenge for Thanksgiving like Halloween #HCC stuff.


i think there should be more chalenges, like one each season that starts at the begining of the season and lasts a few months


I agree with that. For spring it should be “Allergy stricken Cupcake” because that is literally me during spring.


Lol and the fact that in Canada we already had thanksgiving.