Thanks to these hopscotchers ❤️💛💚💙💜


I just want to thank some of these hopscotchers that have been very helpful since I came into this forum. I'll just keep on coming until my account is deleted as requested. I love hopscotch but :sob: :sob: sadly, I need to leave. The reason is a umm...(more of a private matter)

@Cash - I really could count on you. You were awesome
@WhiteFeathers - a secret I've wanted to share- I love ur artwork, I'm a fan Thanks for the great friendship I have had with you
@XiaoMiaoMi - thanks a lot u are a great dispute settler a great friend. Tnxs
@AHappyCoder - I first knew you on ur topic and all these while, I had a great time with u. I've wanted to see the game u made lol but I'll come around some day to check it out one can only hope
@Silverdolphin- a nice friend, my Senpai
@StarryDream - I love ur optimism. U are one great friend
@Sweetlina - u've been of a great help, senpai
@bluedogmc-official - u are a true friend
@codingCupcake123 - Idk the perfect friendship word to use. U were of help. Thanks a bunch. A friend indeed
@DiamondDragon - an EXTREMELY AWESOME friend
@EmojisRUs - really a cool, nice friend
@JojoDude - just the perfect friend anyone would wish to have
@Jess888 - really idk how to thank u enough.
@KayKat- thanks 4 d help. U sought to help me in every possible way
@laser_eyed_puppy - super talented friend.
@MelodiousParrot - you have helped me awesomely
@Mathgirl - I love ur art. They are a talented work
@Madi_Hopscotch_ - I had a super duper great friendship with you
@MR.GAM3R - a fun friend
@Maltese - u are a good :grinning: Friend.
@Periwinkle_Dolphin - a friend that I know is worth-trusting
@PixelMaster64 - u have great talent hope achieve ur goals
@RubyStars - my friend that helped me big time
@Razor and @Rawrbear - I don't think I can't thank u enough
@Snoopy - a friend of all, a cool friend
@TheBloomingGarden - u are a friend and know how to keep things straight
@WinningMonkey and @Waffle_Draws - great artist, I can't take my eyes of ur arts, honestly
@Zachyswag - a helpful friend, thank u a 100 times.
@BaconStudios - u made me happy all my stay

Some people I haven't mentioned and yet u helped me. I thank u sooo much
Thank u @everyone - u all made me happy one time or the other. Bye guys. U might see me a few times but rarely. :sob::sob: bye again. And I forgot to add @Serenity - an insightful friend.
I appreciate your support, help and friendship


No problem. It was a pleasure showing you around the forum and telling you how it worked. I'll miss you. You were a cool Hopscotcher. ^^


Wow, thank you very much! I am honored to have been mentioned in a post like this.

I'll take your words to heart, then. It'll be very hard watching you leave.

I hope you will have had a great time on Hopscotch!


ahh man, thank you so much!! it means a lot :DD

i'm super bummed we didn't talk much, but if you have to put real life first, don't sweat it too much!! things might seem bad, but i promise it won't be like this forever ^^

i hope you visit when you can!! <33



I was tagged


Tank you fren!
Me born an optimist and will die as a optimist :3


I made a new best friend and they are leaving...
THis makes me so sad. I could always count on you and you were so helpful and kind. You even helped me fix my iPad. Thank you so much, and I guess I'll see you again one day...?


Thanks, what happened tho?
Gonna b bad to se u gone ;-;


Thank you @anikeony for seeing me as a trustable friend! I never guessed I would be honored. Good luck, and hope you have a great time.


I think we would see again. I'll try to make out time, If I can. :heart:️️:green_heart:


Same here. I'm sad to go :sob::sob: but I'll still have a look at ur game. u know the one I'm talking about. Lol :joy:


Aw, no problem! You are a great friend too :) I'll be really sad to see you go. Why don't keep your account in case you decide to come back one day?


Yay! And I'm sad. I'll miss you. Thanks for the compliment!


The black screen thing happened but it switched back to my background


Thanks but i don't think I'll come back. I've deleted my hopscotch app but if I have to visit, I'll use a friend's account.


You mean it happened again?


Yeah it happened again but it wasn't as serious as the other times it happened


Umm...let's see. I'll get feedback tomorrow.


I am not allowed to email hopscotchers.... it's communication outside of the forum and if I ever do it again I'll get banned


Yeah....I'm just sad, I didn't think straight. Just keep me in touch with whatever happens till I go.
We will figure it out before I leave, I promise.
I'll ask our school iPad technician to see if he can be of any help and I sure he would. That's y he's the technician.