Thanks to these hopscotchers (a big thank you)



A little while ago, I received "Respected". Thank you all who like my posts. Here are some thank yous to certain hops who have helped me.

@kvj- always there to make me laugh, this guy is the lord of memes/gifs. Thank you for being my first TRUE hsf friend

@BaconStudios - a good friend. Thank you for being there when I feel sad. our bond is bigger than bacon.

@system for never closing my posts

@Paige1212 BFF (along with @kvj) You are my best friend always! I get a great feeling whenever you comment on my posts.

@everyone! Hsf is always the best and will always be if we keep the community like it is now.

@cash thank you for being a best friend to me. I just heard Side by Side today on the radio and my whole family danced along

@trust_level_4 for being nice on hsf and giving us tips

And finally...

@discourse for making this awesome forum that almost everyone on hopscotch calls home.

Thank you hopscotch forums for being the best forum ever!



Aww thx ilygsm
I can tell this topic is gonna be big


It will

we just need to make it big

Bring the OMTL in, boys!


Ahh yes. But many Peepos may get attracted to this because of the title. (Why do ya think I'm here?? XD)


That may change soon. Never underestimate System ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



here ya go


List 88 tags I think


Nobody is here yet.


This is getting bigger... bigger... yet bigger... this topics glowing clearly... the shadows going away...


Congrats! o(^▽^)o

Edit: the next badge is empathic, I think but that one's really hard, but keep working hard!


Aw congratuverylations!

And thanks!


These are the nice levels (likes)


faints when sees this!

Your my BFF too!
Ur on my 300000000000+ Favorite hsers!
(I love everyone!!) (3000000000000+ hsers)
Ur my senpai!!
(One of my senpais!)
And look in my bio!!


Your welcome!