Thanks THT! I got my HS t-shirt now! Muwhahaha


So... I ordered a Hopscotch T-shirt on Monday or Tuesday this week.

And I got it this afternoon! (or night)

The T-shirt looks great, here it its

Thanks @Liza, @meg, @Rodrigo


Is the fabric and size about right?


That looks awesome!!


Wow! Now other hopscotchers can see you and know you're a hopscotcher. :)


Mine should be coming here soon :smiley:
I chose bear!


I wish everybody could get this shirt and we should all wear them on one day, and whenever we see someone else wearing one, we'd give each other funny looks and whisper our usernames. It'll be so weird, like what if your best friend was on Hopscotch and you didn't know?


That'd be so cool! It's pretty lonely, none of my friends irl play hopscotch (that I know of).


I wish I could order a t-shirt!

But my parent said No!

Elle XD

Anyways that looks awesome!


I got mine for free because if a call with Liza, I think that was like 2 weeks ago so I don't know when it will arrive.


You can always try to win one! Enter the #hhc2016.


I can't!

My HS app is not working!

It shut down my IPad!

So I deleted for safety reasons!

I am going to beg my parents for the t-shirt bai!


Shut down or crashed? Or ran out of battery? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If it crashed (sent you to home screen), that's fine, it happens to all apps sometimes. I've never heard of a case where it shuts down completely except for when it runs out of battery.


Nah my battery was 77%

It just shut down

Like completely


Oh...I've never really experienced that. Maybe you accidentally pressed the on/off button? It's unlikely, but I can't really think of any other possibilities, sorry. Maybe there's nothing that can be done about it. Or, it could be a problem with older devices? Or a virus/bug.



I was trying to code my first pixel art

On line 2 it shut down


Awesome! How does the fabric feel? I might be interested in getting one =D


I luv dat shirt!

If I have dat shirt, I would wear it with mai purple plaid miniskirt


My best friends used to play hopscotch but they dont anymore


Wait did Liza Contact you about it?


Yeah. Since I am homeschooled, none of my friends play HS in real life, that I don't know.