Thanks @t1_hopscotch!



Thanks @t1_hopscotch !

I asked him/her (sorry, idk) a questions, and t1 answered my question.

Then, t1:

  • Followed me
  • Spam liked me
  • Remixed my HSB tutorial, and said it was a great tutorial

  • and finally, t1 made a project that was inspired from my project!


I'm not trying to brag about any of this, I posted this because When people do all these things, like spam liking, following, and remixing my project, it makes me feel encouraged to code.




Congratulations :D
@bluedogmc-official :D :D


Congrats @bluedogmc-official!!!! That's awesome!

And I think it's "she"…


That is awesome! :D

Maybe you could post it on the "WOAH Moments" topic! :D


Great job! Also t1 is a she. :D


That's awesome! Congratulations, you totally deserve it! :smile:


You really do deserve it. :smile: Thank you for sharing that, I am really glad just even small things I did helped you get inspired. In turn, you've inspired me to keep on doing all of those things — searching for gems in the community and continuing to let people know what they're doing is awesome. Keep on with everything you're doing, and Happy Hopscotchin' :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! You inspire me so much every day!