Thanks so much!



I have so much to thank this community for, but I just wanted to say thanks for the 50th nice post!!! It may not seem to be a lot compared to other people, but a couple months ago I only had 8! It was my personal goal to reach this many Nice Posts, and I did it! I'm super happy! Thank you!!! :smiley:


Why is the tag bad news on here?


I don't know... I just edited that. I think I clicked the worng tag! :grimacing:


Congratulations! You deserve it! :grinning::tada:



Congrats, @SmileyAlyssa!!

*Throws confetti and popcorn


Congratulations @SmileyAlyssa! :D


Congrats m8 u did gr8 oops that rimes


Thanks so much I just got nice topic! :smile::+1:


Congratulations! @SmileyAlyssa


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