Thanks smartypants!



That's great! You can post this in the Post your Woah Moments topic. SBYP!


Congrats! But maybe post this in the "Woah Moments" topic? I'll get the link in a minute. :wink:


Or you could do Talk to a Hopscotcher.


Use this link, post it here! :D


Ok thanks! I didnt know about this!


How do i post my "woah" moments?


You click on the link that I gave above^, use the scroll thingy on the right side when you clicked on the topic, pull it down all the way, then on the bottom of the topic you will see the turquoise "Reply" button on the bottom, type what you wrote on this topic, in the "Woah Moments" topic! :D


Ok ok! Thank you so much! You are AWESOME BTW


Smartypants would be really happy to see this! Maybe you can post that to "Say Thank You To A Hopscotcher"?:wink:


OMG! Thanks, @BerryFOX!
This means a lot!
P.S. You deserved those likes​:wink:


Check my account for a surprise.....:smirk::smirk::wink: