Thanks, Guys. So much



I just want to thank certain people and every fan I have for helping me progress. Have you seen my old art? Sends shudders through me. And yet, you guys supported me through all the tough times. I can't find a reason not to love you all.
@OrangeScent1 for accepting me as a Hopscotch Bestie. :revolving_hearts: She's awesome, check her out. Amazing art.
@Follow4LikesOfficial for being a major troll and for understanding my life xD
@Gilbert189 for being there for me, even though I've known him for such little time. Thank you.
@system for keeping the drawing topic interesting! :D
@SmilingSnowflakes for doing my requests, being HILARIOUS, and being one of my first followers! Pleeease check her out, she is soo awesome!
@randomowlsLC for her amazing art, amazing coding, and amazing friend abilities. Awesome :heart:
@CreativeCoder for recognizing my writing and helping me.
@RenegadeBird1 because she is probably the best fan ever. I love you so much, thank you.
@Pingu for adorable drawings and help all the way!
Just a few... but I really, really love all of my fans. Thank you.


Another thank you topic? Thanks!! :smile::smile::smile:


I just saw something similar lol


Thank you! You are really friendly, and funny! Your art and projects are always great. :D

Thank you so much!


Can't like :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, @LotsaPizza! Your art is both awe inspiring and beautiful. *Intense fangirlism takes over xD


All of those people are awesome especially you! It's so nice of you to say all those things about them!


Your art is amazing:D


Thank you! :D So... Late... 6 days ago... :P