Thanks Guys for featured - Your Senpai


Hi it's SmilingStudios ! I'm going to share the account with @Hermione !

Thankyou guys for my first project on featured ! Especially to @KvJ for noticing me first @Liza (THT) for liking my project @IShallNotBeNamed for remixing my projecting and giving me a worm welcome @Rawrbear for liking my project !


Someone said I copied LemonPOP I didn't. what should I do I need advice

Btw if it's SmilingSudios (me) and Hermione(Mayu)
If it's my post I'll put SS if it's Mayu's we'll put M and if it's both I'll put ssm



Hello @Maltese @Sweetilina


Good Job! :smile:

If someone is saying something that is not true ignore them!


Ok thanks I got that advice from Mayu as well


Hello @SmishSmash it's me the "old" Hermione now !


ok never mind just forget we are sharing an account

SS can you login to the @FruityMilkshake account ? With same pass








You earned it! It's pretty extraordinary for a first project, can't wait to see more!