Thanks guys, but now, I don't really need anymore help, but ty!


I just joined the form 3 days ago. can someone tell me what's going on?


Welcome to the forum! You can tag me any time! Like this: @TheGreenBanana!


Hello! Welcome to the forum, @SnowyWolf! I'm Crazy_cake on hopscotch! Your going to have an amazing time here!

Make sure to check oth the community guidelines:

And if you need help for anything just type '@smishsmash' and it will give me a notification!


thanks so much for the help, @TheGreenBanana!


thank you so much, @smishsmash! I've heard about you on hopscotch, as I'm on it!


Your welcome!
Wow! Really? :D

What's your hopscotch username? I want to check you out! :DD @SnowyWolf


Welcome! :slight_smile:
Tag me anytime you need help!
I'm not that great at welcoming users, so if you have forum problems or hopscotch bugs just call me over! :D


Welcome to the fourm!

Here are a few topics you could go to! :smile:

Using the Forum like a Pro!
Learn how to write insightful questions and winning answers. Make the community stronger by contributing great ideas. Everyone will thank you. [image]
Cool Forum Tricks! (more wink)1
Hello it is me Phase Admin, I am going to show you some cool stuff. Wanna see some cool stuff with HTML? Space Between! I am trying to make it even more spaced! I am so frustrated! I wonder what I can do? Huh? How did I do this? Well check bellow!

for each line! Button! Another cool feature is this. This is a button! How to do this. This is a button! Link! The Hopscotch forums! This is how you do it! The …
Also, check your messages! You'll see one from a Hopscotch team staff named Liza that will help you here! :smile:

Also, here's a guide!

Welcome to the forum! This is a big guide of stuff on the forum!

Forum tricks!
Trust Levels (Not written by me)
How to use the forum
Being kind on the forum
Here are some tips on being kind and supporting on the forum.

The like button is for saying that you agree with the person, supporting it, and saying that you like what they're saying.
The flag button is for flagging something that is offtopic, innapropriate, or spam. If you see a post that you think is one of these, usually the best thing to do is to give them a warning before you flag, unless it really seems like it won't help by giving a warning.
If you see a topic that has been made before, instead of saying search before you post, you can say it in a nicer way such as "I think there might be another topic about this on here. Maybe that might help you?"
Some tips
I hope this helped at least a little bit!
Credit to
@seawolfwerehorse for making this, I just copy and pasted this! :yum:

I hope this helped! :smile:


It's Kewlio. I don't have many interesting things but I'm workin on some


Kay, thanks snoopy! I will if I need any!


Also, check your notifications!

@Liza sent you a PM (private message!) that welcomes you!
Liza is a hopscotch team member! She works at the app to make it better! I met her this summer, she is super nice! :D

Also, you have limited replies in your first day, so use them wisely :D @SnowyWolf


Yep, my username is : Kewlio


Welcome to the forum!! I'm Queen LaShae. on hopscotch!!


Welcome to the forum @SnowyWolf! If you need any help tag me like this: @Explorer_


You follow me!

I spam liked u :D


It's:Kewlio. on hopscotch!


Oh okay great!! I will check you out!!


TYSM! you're so kind, smishsmash!


I'll check you out too. thanks!


Aww, thank you!

Your welcome! :D you are very kind too!