Thanks for the wave of likes!



There has been a flood of likes on all my projects coming in and it's crazy! I just half to say thank you 31 likes on my thank you project and 21 on my huggingfluffybear news! And of course me featured project thank you so much guys! From the fluffy bear


Like I said, you'll be spammed with likes! Yup, you'll reach 1000 sometime soon!
Here's a like! :heart:


Thank you for the great support!


:heart:4u again! :wink:


Well, once you get on featured, your activity feed will probably never be the same again..
(At least that's how I'm feeling right now)
But congrats! You totally deserve all the likes and attention! Really! Your projects are great!


Wow thank you so much!! Will my activity be like super crazy?


Who knows? My guess is yes!


Wow that's crazy! I am going to see if I got any likes!


As I've been featured 5 times, I can confirm.

You will be attacked by the likes.

Try to survive. :wink:


If it was like 1 like per second :smile: that would be ultimate but I don't think that's possible. Maybe a couple of likes a couple minutes though!


Nope no notifications!


Yeah I think like @MagmaPOP gets like 30 likes a minute!


It's about a like every minute and a half if you're near the top. :wink:


Yes. I totally agree :smile:


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Oh yes... The flood of likes! I am still getting likes from my first feature... And that was in the middle of DECEMBER! Its never going to stop. xD


Btw congrats on getting on featured! Your project literally made my eyes pop out when I saw the amazing feature you added in there!(I'm born in the year of the monkey, according to the Chinese Zodiac:3)


You totally deserved all those likes! Your game was cool!


Thank you @Dude73!!!!


XD of course your great

Edit: I'm saying you should have got the likes