Thanks for the trending!



When I came on to Hopscotch, I saw the activity tab and I found 30+ likes on My Happy B-Day Hopscotch!!! It is a bit down on I trending but as of 7:20 A.M
it has 68 likes and 185 plays! We are so excited! I haven't told the girl yet though, but she should find out! Thanks for the trending @Liza, @alish, @Rodrigo and @Ian!
And the link:

EDIT: Girl: You already told me it was on there!


That's Amazing! :D

I just published my birthday card :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it! I like the 3D cake!


That's awesome! @tankt2016


It started out as a smooth background for PandaBlossom's Hopscotch B-Day Card, but then we started thinking of making one too! And thanks!


Actually, trending is based on the number of plays and likes in small amount of time, Featured and Rising is hand chosen by The Hopscotch Team!


Lol I've been posting mine everywhere, but I did work really hard on it.