Thanks for my FIRST feature!


Oh my gosh thanks so much for my first feature! Thanks for playing and remixing. Ask questions about if you want! :slight_smile:


Congrats on the feature! I'm excited for ya!

Happy Easter! :smiley:


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Congratulations! :D

Your game is amazing! :D


I'm happy that THT remixed a very awesome remix instead of a rip off of another project :D Your project shows how we can use remixes in a different way besides for scores and chats



@Paydent12, you totally deserved it! Nice job! :D


This may be a little disappointing, but... Ill just show you the email

(Be sure to read top and bottom)


Oh ok!
You may want to remove your name from it :wink: it shows your full nam e


Oh ok! Thanks for telling me


+2 points! Great work orangescent


Congratulations @Paydent12! That's great! Keep up the great work!


Glad that it was a very nice project
Thumbs up for Paydent​:thumbsup::thumbsup: