Thanks for featured


I would like to thank everyone for my first featured

Mainly @snoopy, @silverdolphin @bluedogmc-official and @KVJ

Plz tell me if u liked it and I will give you a massive praise


Good Job! I love your guess the Pokemon!


Thank you so much



Yay, it worked! I told you it deserved Featured! :D


this reply is a my little pony
i hope you continue this game, with more pokemon and non-pokemon characters!


Good job on your feature! You must be so happy! :wink:


Woah! Congrats! Isn't it cool that the makers of HS see our projects? :3


Much cool!

Congratuverylatetions BARNSLEY!



Congravylations is my version


Could you please post the link here? I kinda seen it somewhere but I forgot.





Oh, so you mean this?

It is rather awesome. At first you called it "Le Rubbish game" it's not bad after all!


Oh thanks ! I'm still surprised


I don't have it on my phone and that like is messed up :joy::joy:


I am super happy for you ! I think you deserved it ! I wish someone would feature me !


you deserved that featured!!! CONGRATS once again!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I will check out ur projects .Im sure there are feature worthy ones tehre


yaya ur back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yep.I is bk XD XD XD