Thanks and sorry!


Thank you and I am sorry it's just number one thanks so much @codingCupcake123, @IShallNotBeNamed, and @friendship2468!

But I am sorry that I might've been a but negitive it's just that I guess right now is a hard period in my life and just I feel depressed and un-happy I will be crying every night becuase of the bully it's just really hard for me!

From your furry friend, the fluffy bear.


And if I am being grumpy it's just becuase I am angry at the world about being full of meen people I will try to trash my meen posts or just not post them!


Seven likes and no replies?!



You're right, there are mean people, jealous people, and people who are like chains to others (rusty chains :wink:). These people mean harm, as revenge or for their own enjoyment, this makes their opinion lose its value, it makes them...well...useless...(sorry). They want to make people sad, but what makes them sad is when we get them out of our control panels.


I'm sorry you are bullied! I will do anything to cheer you up if I can!


Who's the bully? This isn't acceptable!


The bully was thankfully suspended. He has some time to think over what he did. (I sound like a parent who sent their kid to time-out. :joy:)


@codingcupcake123 who is the bully?


Please tell me Lalalalalalala


One second, his tag isn't working. Oh duh, I could just tell you. Ashtonman.


ASHTONMAN? I thought he was ok..


Yeah, he was very rude.. That's somewhat why they were suspended


His tag does not work because he is susspend!


Well I'm sorry I know how it feels to be bullied I feel bad for you


Thank you!

That was my 2rd time being bullied the only things that happend was in real like someone was pulling everyone's cheek and calling them stupi.d but that wasn't that bad it was in like kindagarten! As well me and @friendship2468 got in a little fight!

And then now! BOOM MIND BLOWN


I'm sorry this happened to you. I will try to support you if I can.


Thank you everyone this meens tons!


I wouldn't really call it a little fight. I'd say about five big fights.
If he bothers you again, believe me he'll wish he never did.


No he called people names, and said we were idio.ts....


@Ashtonman @Ashtonman why do I feel I must tag you so? I honestly do not know. Something that rhymes with know.