Thanks a lot to.....l


Hi I am @Hermione.
I want to thank everyone for liking our collab's project the expanse !
Actually JonnyGamer made it so I will give a shoutout to him on my main account which is FM known as FruityMilkshake!

People who I like to say thanks to!
@OrangeScent1 =for following us and liking our projects!
@MagmaPOP =for liking our projects
@LotsaPizza (ToastedFrame :fire: for liking our projects)
@Stampys_fans (THE ORDER OF STONE) for liking our projects
@Rawrbear. For liking our projects

@MagmaPOP sorry for tagging you!


What project did I like? 🤔


you liked the remix of your shade pad that was like part of the earth called "the expanse"


Your welcome!


MagmaPOP this is what you liked!


What did I like? Oh and np :wink: